(constant) ConferenceLayout :ConferenceLayout

ConferenceLayout enumerates all available layouts for arranging videos in the conference's media stream. Currently there are only two layouts: MOSAIC and SELECTOR. The layout of local participant can be changed with a help of Me#setLayout method. If local participant is a ParticipantRole#MODERATOR than he can change layout of any remote participants with Participant#setLayout method.

let video = document.getElementById("video");
video.mediaStream = conference.getMediaStream();
// Make the 'video' play the conference media stream in SELECTOR layout
// Change layout to SELECTOR
Name Type Description
MOSAIC ConferenceLayout

The MOSAIC layout assumes displaying videos of all the participants at the same time: the whole video is divided into equal rectangular areas, each of which is given for video of one of the participants.

SELECTOR ConferenceLayout

The SELECTOR layout assumes displaying video of only one of the participant at any given moment of time—the one who currently is the loudest.

(constant) ParticipantRole :ParticipantRole

ParticipantRole enumerates all available roles that can be assigned to Participant. The role defines a set of permissions that assignee is granted. Currently there are only three roles: MODERATOR, SPEAKER and ATTENDEE. Any of them can be assigned to any participant at any time with a help of Participant#setRole method but only if it is called by the participant who is already playing the role of MODERATOR or by the application.

// Let's assume that Alice plays ATTENDEE role and can only watch to media streams
var alice = conference.getCoparticipantByName("Alice");
alice.setRole(ParticipantRole.SPEAKER); // Now Alice can stream her own media streams
Name Type Description
ATTENDEE ParticipantRole

The ATTENDEE can read everything but can write almost nothing: he can join and leave the conference, can change his own name, and finally can subscribe to and unsubscribe from media streams.

SPEAKER ParticipantRole

The SPEAKER has all the permissions of ATTENDEE. The only difference is that SPEAKER not only able to subscribe to and unsubscribe from media streams, he also allowed to publish and unpublish his own media streams.

MODERATOR ParticipantRole

The MODERATOR is allowed to do whatever he likes: he can invite and expel participants, can change a name and a role of any body, can control conference recording, can end the conference at any time, etc.

(constant) StreamingMode

  • Is not in use any more.